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We are a traditional operation that has used its long-term experience to the benefit of our customers. We have built warm, comfortable, weatherized Buildings for many customers thanks to the suppliers that bring us superior proven products and the highest quality Roof Coatings and Repair Materials. We have worked on millions of square feet of Epdm Roofs and have sustained many with our Energy Efficient Epdm Coatings and provided leak free environments that have Warranties greater than the manufactures themselves.

Our company consists exclusively of qualified roofers and contractors. We continually train them so that they can offer you the latest technologies and materials. We have Certified Technicians for our Energy Saving Roof Coating Systems here in Michigan. We are serving Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and the surrounding Tri-County Areas

We perform an Inspection on the condition of your Buildings Roof before offering you a comprehensive and competent written evaluation. The finished product is impeccable, satisfaction guaranteed.

We put safety first to ensure a safe environement not only for our workers but also for our customers and properties.

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Steven J Magnes, President

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Roof Restoration Technologies Commitment to our Customers!

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Dear Customer, We strive to give you a Leak Free Environment using Professional and Skilled  Mechanics that have Several Years of Technical Experience.  We strive to correct a Problem the first time and to keep costs to a minimal.  Our Company has over 20 Years of Experience in Flat or Low Slope Roof Repairs.  We specialize in Firestone, Carlisle, and Versica Epdm Roof recovery as well as Energy Star Quality Roof Coatings. In all the Years servicing our Customers we have never had one Complaint on our Performance or Workmanship.  We take Pride in doing a Great work and making Customer Satisfaction our Top Priority.


Roof Repair:  We have Repaired Thousands of Leaks on just about any existing Roof System.  We have experts that are well trained and understand the Mechanics of Roofing Systems, therefore enabling us to find the sourceof your Roof Leaks. We use only high quality Roof Repair material and Roof Coatings that will last for years.

 Roof Recovery:  We have Restored hundreds of Roofs and placed them under 10-Year Warranties without any Tare Off Costs.  We can assess your Roof System to qualify it for a Warranty.  Many Roofs are needlessly Replaced when they can be Repaired or Restored at a Fraction of the Cost with our high quality Roof Coatings.

 Energy Savings:  We have Systems that will virtually pay for themselves in just few short years. Not only will you save Energy but you will Preserve your existing Roof while Saving on Energy Costs. 

 Preventative Maintenance:  We have customized Maintenance programs designed for your specific Building needs and Budget.  These preventive maintenance programs start from a simple Routine Cleaning to a Fully Warranted Leak Free System. Take all the Worry away with a Regular Preventative Maintenance Program. "Most Roofs Fail prematurely due to the lack of required maintenance.

 Coatings:  We use only High Quality Energy Star Approved Roof Coatings to protect your Roof from the Harmful Sun’s UV’s and High Heat Build Up. They also Prevent Heat Island Effect and are instrumental in Preventing Global Warming even in Michigan. We have several available Roof Coatings to meet your Budget and to save you Energy. From high quality asphalt based Roof Coatings to highly reflective Urathane Base Roof Coating Systems that provide a Warranty on your roof.


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