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Employees undergo further training

Our employees have been attending training workshops to obtain additional qualifications. We are now qualified applicators for Lexis Roof Coating Systems and Uniflex Roof Coating Systems which is a Division of Sherwin Williams

Second 10-Year Warranty Issued for Gunners Meters and Parts in Pontiac

 In July of 2013, Roof Restoration Technologies was awarded a Re-coat of Gunners Meters and Parts after 11 years of Succesful System Warranty! Never having any Leaks in Building and still providing a Cool Building without any HVAC in shop area, Owner Terry Traynor hired Roof Restoration to apply the Re-Newed Warranty at a cost of $1/ per square foot. The System can also be renewed in 2023 for an additional 10-years.


  Roof Restoration was also awarded a Re-Coat at Terry's Oakland Avenue Location as well as a New Epdm Installation on the Upper Roof that was temporarily repaired 12-years prior. A New Energy efficient Epdm Roof System was installed on 7,000 square foot area of the Building

Roof System Paid for by Energy Savings

MG Realty in Birmingham Michigan is saving $8,500.00 each year through the efforts of Roof Restoration Technologies and the Energy Efficient Roof System they installed. The Roof was installed 5-years ago and now has been completly paid for by the energy savings that MG Realty has saved.

Infrared Technology Now Available

 Through Infrared Technology and Moisture Sensing Devices, we are more advanced to Locate Leaks, Moisture Issues, and Insulation Issues that effect a your Building Envelope.  This service is available to all our clients in order to provide the most efficient Leak Repair and Restoration Services.

Restoration on 60,000 square feet on Six Buildings Completed in Walled Lake

Roof Restoration Technologies of Auburn Hills completed 60,000 square feet of Roof for Maple Benstien Proprieters in 2013. The Roofs are warrantied for 10-years and will be saving Energy Costs for 6 seperate Lease Tenants!  Roof Restoration has been Restoring Buildings throughout the Metro Area saving their Customers on Energy Costs!  They also work on properties owned by the same Owners in Roseville which considts of 14 Buildings which have been restored as well. They also have properties in Fowlerville, Warren, Birmingham, Romulus, Farmington and Several other Metro Locations. They have not considered any other roofing Contractor to meet their Roofing Needs!

RRT Awarded 50,000 Square Foot Restoration Project

MG Industries awards RRT with 2 more Roof Projects to save Energy after recieving Energy Savings of $8,500/Year at thier Birmingham Location.  One project is restoring a Foam Roof System just under 20,000 square feet and a 5-year old Firestone Epdm System that is 27,800 square feet. A savings of $25,000 a year is projected.

RRT Awarded 27,000 Square Foot Resoration Project

Shar Inc awarded RRT with a 14,000 square foot BUR Retoration at thier Warren location.  The project was completed in April of 2010.  The remaining Modified System is scheduled for May of 2010.  The Energy saving is projected to be nearly $10,000 per Year.

Asphalt Coatings waste of money!

 Many Customers have found that Asphalt Coatings have been a real waste of money!

Coatings that were to last 5-7 years faded after 1 winter as you can see below!

What appeared to be a Beautiful Finish 1 year takes a real Turn after 2nd

RRT Roof Coatings last over 10-Years and does not fade remaining energy efficient

up to 20 years!

 The 2nd picture is a roof coated white 3 years ago that is now Rusting through.

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