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Frequently Asked Questions: Roofing

Q: We have a 16 Year Old Epdm Roof System that is pulling away from the walls and has several Leaks at the Seams.  Three companies recommended replacing the entire roof. What solutions do you have for our company concerning our Roof?

 A: We would have to inspect the Roof itself to determine all the deficiencies. When it comes to Epdm Roofs I would have to say 98% of the time we are able to restore the Roof.  We would check for any wet insulation which rarely Epdm Roofs have more than 5% wet insulation.  We would replace the wet areas of insulation.  Repair all the Flashing on the walls, and Repair any loose seams and repalce any Epdm Membrane as needed. We would also try to eliminate any Ponding water on your Roof System. We can also apply an Energy Efficient Roof Coating System that would give you a 10-year warranty if so desired and Tremendous Energy Savings.



Q: We have very High Air Conditioning expenses during the Warmers Seasons which can be from May through October.  We were told this was because of the Black Epdm System we have on our Building.  Do you offer any solutions?


A: Epdm Roofs reach to Temperatures of up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit which not only causes a heat built up but also cause the roof to expand and contract on a continuous basis causing many other problems.  We have a Roof CoatingSystems that will drop the Roof temperature near the Ambient Temperature which will reduce your Air Conditioning costs nearly 50%. This Roof CoatingSystem will also limit the expansion and contraction of your Epdm Roof System and will extend the life of your Roof by several years.



Q: We don’t have a Warranty on our Firestone Epdm Roof System. Can your company provide a Warranty even though it is 14 years old?


A: Yes, We have a number of Roof Coating Systems than can provide you with 5-year, 10-year, 15-year Warranties and can also provide you with Renewable Epdm Warranties useing our Energy Efficient Radiant Barrier Roof Coating Systems. The cost would be determined on the condition of your existingRoof and the size of the Roof.



Q: What does a Roof CoatingSystem such as the one your company provides typically cost?


A: Without inspecting the Roof it would difficult to determine the exact cost.  We have a variety of Roof CoatingSystems that can be installed for as low as $.060/square foot. The Price range of our Roof coating Systems can vary from 60 cents to aproximately $3.00 per square foot depending on the Type of existing Roof Membrane The only way it would be near the maximum or over that amount would be if there was extensive damage to the Roof, Insulation, and Flashing. We have installed most of our systems below $2.25/ square foot which include a 10-year renewable warranty.

Q: We have had several Roofing Contractors out to Repair a leak in our Office Area.  We have paid for the repairs now several times and still have a leak.  Why can't they find the leak?


A: I hear of this often from many of my clients.  Many companies do not have good Roof Technicians because most of them are hired off the street with no Roofing Experience or even Experienced claiming to be expert Roofers.  There are numerous Roofing Systems and Decks that are very complicated and therefore it takes a qualified Roof Technician with many years experience to understand the many various Roof Systems, Substrates, and Decking.  It takes a Highly Skilled and Experienced Roof Technition to determine most Leaks in Roofs. On many occasions we have found leaks 50 to 100 feet away from the actual leak inside the Building.  We also guarantee our Repairs unless we state otherwise before we service the Roof. 

Q:  What are the advantages of useing your Energy Efficient Systems other than the Energy Savings? 

A:  There are many advantages including no Tear Off costs, less Environmental Wastes, decrease in the Heat Island effect in a community, decrease the effects of Global Warming, Saves Air Conditioning and Building Maintainance Costs, Quicker Installationand and Prevents Expansion and Contraction of the Roof System which in turn will save you on Building Maintenance costs. It is a also a Seamless Roof Coating System which eliminates the potential of Leaks.


Q:  I have a Black Roof System and our Building is very hard to cool during the summer months.  At times it is unbearable because it gets incredibaly hot in our Building.  We do not have Air Conditioning and only use Fans. How can you help us?

A:  I have worked on several Buildings with the same Issues.  The real issue is the Roof Temperature is so Hot that it Penetrates in the Building through the Roof.  Of course Heat Rises so if the temperature around the ceiling level is already hot, the heat has nowhere to go.  All the Buildings we have applied our application of Radiant Barrier Roof Coatings on, noticed an immediate and significant changes. Some of the Buildings actually feel as though they had air conditioning. Our Energy Efficient Roof Coatings are effective whether you have HVAC or nothing at all.

Q:  Can there actually be Energy Savings through your Roof Coating Systems in Michigan?


A:  Yes, we have several Customers that have saved Tremendous amounts on their HVAC Costs useing our Energy Efficient Roof Coating Systems here in Michigan.  I was on a Detroit Public School with the Director of Energy Savings on a mid April 60 Degree Day and I pointed out to him that the Air Units were Operationg. I showed him that the Roof was over 120 Degrees in which he was amazed.  I also explained by useing our Energy efficient Roof Coating Systems that the Roof would measure near ambient temperature.  There is a tremendous waste of Energy here in Michigan mearly because the lack of knowledge of Roof Sytems.


Q:  If Black Roofs are known for wasting so much energy, then why are 90% of the Roofs in Michigan Black.


A:  There area number of reasons which stem back in History.  First of all it was very expensive to produce a Roofing Membrane that was not Black, mainly because all the products used in making Roofing Membranes are asphalt which are Black and Rubber materials which are also Black. Membranes with lighter Colors are to this day close to 2x as expensive as Black Roof Membranes.  The other factor is that in the past energy costs were much lower.  With these factors in mind Commercial Roofing Industries are now more conscience that they are throughing away a lot of money that could help them to survive in these economical times.  Our Energy Efficient Roof Coating Systems are very inexpensive, very cost effective and because of newer Technology are very durable.


Q:  Our Company just had Roof Coatings applied last year and we can already see the Black Roof Membrane and the Roof Coating has faded over most of the Roof Surface


A:  Its a very tough Economy and because Building Owners are on such tight budgets, they are being bought in by very low pricing to apply Roof Coatings.  Many of the numberous Roofing Companies in Business today do not care about Quality Work are not about giving you a System that will perform but are only out to make a quick buck.  Many will thin out the Asphalt Base Coatings, use lesser material than specified by the manufacturer or use a low grade material which will appear great after installation and therefore are able to collect for their Service. In time the results will show, but the Roofing Contractor would no longer be found.  It pay's to do the research on a Contractor's length of existance and also to see if they are properly insured.










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